Eat Right Reality

Eat Right.

The realities of eating right (healthfully) aren’t always easy and that’s why most of us make conscious efforts each day to choose whole fruits and veggies, instead of processed fast-foods.  I enjoyed reading Judy’s story Still Trying on her blog Considering the Options, because these are OUR realities, too!

“I have learned some things. About food and about myself.

  1. Healthy foods have fewer calories. Generally speaking, if something is good for you it’s probably not loaded with calories. And yes, this is kind of a DUH statement.
  2. Fruits and vegetables fill me up and stick with me longer. I can eat an apple at 3:30 and hold off until 8 pm to eat dinner. That’s a big deal!
  3. When I eat fewer carbs, I want them less. Conversely, when I give in and have a gooey cinnamon roll, even though I stay within my calories, I want more! I think it may be easier to just stay away than to go through the “withdrawal”!
  4. It takes work for me to eat healthy. But I think it will get easier. Making sure we have good food to eat and prepare meals from is important and time-consuming!
  5. It doesn’t take me as long to make a nutritious meal. We will quite often grill some meat and have a salad or vegetable with it. Super quick and easy. I didn’t realize how much time I spent making a starch for every meal!”

I hope you will check out Judy’s blog Considering the Options to read about her journey with eating healthfully and weight loss. Your stories are important and they are the best motivation! Please share.


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