Wonderful Team Readership Award



Dear Sweta:

Thank you for your continued support and nomination for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award! I enjoy your blog because of the wide range of physical therapy topics you discuss. Your blog continues to enlighten.

Fellow blog nominees are:

  1. Smiley’s Dice – Adventures in Livingness. LouLou writes about her “internal voice.” She is truly a brave writer.
  2. Paola . . . Lost in New York. Paola writes about fashion in New York from a Haitian inspired perspective.
  3. PureFitBody. Dexter writes about healthy living through fitness, food, and mindfulness.
  4. Sugar and Spice Baking. Mariateresa shares her artistic baking creations.
  5. Eat.Sweat.Think. Dottie instills clean eating habits and offers wonderful insight into women’s exercise.
  6. Run DMT. Denise blogs about her long distance running journey, healthy recipes, and fast-paced life of being a mother of 3.
  7. Thinklikeatree – Exploring health, the simple way.
  8. Astimegoesbuy. Blogging about fashion and lifestyle.
  9. HayleyHobson. Haley writes about nutrition and yoga.
  10. FisFitness. Fiona’s blog discusses fitness solutions for women over 40 years of age.
  11. PrettyFat. Hazel discusses her journey and progresses toward health and fitness. I love this blogger’s raw humor 🙂
  12. Voxifit. Owen writes about “The Voice of Fitness.” A fellow motivational columnist.
  13. Considering the Options. Judy’s blog is her perspective on life at any given moment. Among many topics, Judy discusses her strong devotion to her family, values, and beliefs.
  14. The Depot: Health, Fitness, and Athletic Performance. A personal trainer providing invaluable advice and explanation of proper body mechanics and functions. A fabulous resource for fellow personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

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