What have you done to stay healthy?


When my family members get sick I often hear, “what can I do to feel better?” Normally I get out the blender and whip up a combination of vitamins and minerals helpful for the common cold (C, D, B’s, water, etc.). But this time around, the response I gave to my husband was “what have you done to stay healthy?”

With all seriousness and care, a discussion ensued about vitamins and minerals the body needs on a daily basis to stay healthy in addition to regular cardiovascular exercise. I agree whole-heartedly that, if done purposefully, Yoga encompasses fabulous exercises to help maintain the immune system and get your heart rate up, but adding a little more vigorous exercise that gets the heart pumping and sweating out toxins is a winning combination in my book! Every body is different, but there are commonalities we can apply as a baseline to staying healthy.

Lastly, keeping stress low is another helpful component to staying well. Stressful events lower the immune system, just like refined sugar and getting physically cold. I also believe hot drinks, such as coffee and tea, help keep the respiratory system clear of phlegm and other “junk.” If you’re already sick, please read my post “Too Sick to Exercise?” for more information.

Now it’s your turn, what actions do you take on a daily basis to stay well?



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