Life Lesson #1


This past weekend I experienced blunt force head trauma and ended up in the ER. In earlier years, I would have blown off such an event and went about my daily business. Now that I have children and a spouse, my perspective has changed DRASTICALLY! The number one thing I decided (as I was lying in the MRI machine) was to continue reminding my clients, family, and friends just how important your BODY is to YOU. We have a basic responsibility to #1 take care of your body because it’s all you have!

Again today, I was actively listening to a business associate explain her physical fitness situation, I heard myself reiterate this #1 life lesson. While it may not be something we all want to admit, getting hurt happens to every single person and the steps we take on a daily basis to take care of it greatly impacts overall health and healing processes.

It was extremely inconvenient to spend the entire day at the ER, not to mention missing my daughter’s first band concert, but complications resulting in brain swelling or bleeding are serious.



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