Repeated Small Efforts


So many women want to know how to lose excess belly fat. The truth lies in one’s ability to cut back on the amount of salt and carbohydrates and increase the quality and quantity of lean protein and vegetables.

When I’m talking one-on-one with clients, most often they tell me “I don’t like to eat vegetables,” but, my honest response is, that isn’t necessarily a deal breaker to increasing your level of health and fitness. You may not have found vegetables that you like or recipes that you don’t mind to start integrating into your daily routine.

Eating healthier, keeping track of your food intake each day, and getting at least 3-4 days of challenging exercise into your week WILL do the trick! No looking back and chastising yourself for eating something less than healthy unless you make a habit of it.

Eat Healthy, Exercise, Repeat; Eat Healthy, Exercise, Repeat.

success-is the sum of small efforts


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