Team Sports


Still need to find your (exercise) fit? How about team sports!

Many women in the U.S. have yet to find their exercise “fit.” When a new client says, “I hate to exercise, BUT I used to like team sports in high school,” I immediately focus on helping them find a goal to work toward that includes a team sport they used to enjoy. The fact is that team sports offer a competitive edge some people thrive on to get and keep them exercising.

My first goal with new clients is to get them moving and strengthening areas of weakness. Working with women that may want to get back into team sports, I often incorporate weighted medicine balls and resistance bands using various exercises that we can “play” together.

  • weighted medicine ball partner pass works to challenge both core, abdominal muscles and chest, arms, and back
  • resistance bands partner wood chop or open fly movements can be fun

Think outside the box, ask friends to help you start a volleyball or soccer team this Spring, sponsor a charity walk this Summer, or bowling team this Fall.

Many adults thrive on time with friends, especially those with kids because we begin compromising personal activities to satisfy our kids’ social engagements.

Team Sports: Are You Game!?


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