What’s Your Plan?


In a previous post we touched on setting goals and, for those lacking motivation, group or sponsored charity events are a good solution (if you can afford the entry fees)!


Electric Run

So far, I’ve signed up for the 5K Electric Run in St. Paul and The Mud Games 5K obstacle course in Blaine. The Mud Games events are taking place in shorter 1.5 mile and longer 3.1 mile courses in several cities around the country.

What’s YOUR Plan?

  • Will you be exercising with a friend, group, or on your own this summer?
  • What helps you stay motivated and challenged?
The Mud Games

The Mud Games

Working with people helps me stay motivated all year round, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and not challenge ones self adequately.

If you’re up for a challenge or change of scenery, I recommend doing an online search of the activities going on in your city and town. The earlier you identify and sign-up for events, the more likely you’ll save money on early bird registration.

Go ahead, breathe some fun into your exercise routine this summer!


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