Best Multivitamin


As a personal trainer, I’ve had multiple representatives approach me from various distribution companies selling health and wellness supplements. (No, I don’t recommend a specific brand and I won’t sell them either.)

Which Multivitamin brands are best?

To shed some light on the situation and get closer to the truth, I believe it’s important to find unaffiliated sources for information. While there are several blogs and forums talking about this very issue, I came across a comprehensive list of 100 multivitamin products and manufacturers. (A great sign is that I also found corresponding information from other sources.)

This source uses 4 criteria to assess each multivitamin product:

  1. synergistic effect
  2. composition
  3. bioavailability
  4. potency

Based on their assessments, any score of 8 or better is considered “excellent.” You will find generic brands to expensive brands. For a complete list go to A few of the top Multivitamin products and manufacturers were:

  • Total Balance by Xtend-Life
  • Ultra Preventive X by Douglas Laboratories
  • Essentials by USANA Health Sciences
  • Vitalizer Gold by Shaklee
  • Life Force Multiple by Source Naturals
  • Reverse! by FreeLife
  • Double X by Nutrilite (Amway)
  • Life Extension Mix by Life Extension Foundation

While there are other details to consider, such as age, gender, and lifestyle, it’s important to get most of your nutrition from a variety of fruits, leafy green vegetables, and lean proteins.

*When eating the right foods, we don’t need a multivitamin!


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