Shoulder Smash Workout


Since I love lifting heavy, I’m always looking for ways to increase strength and checking various sources to find out what’s new. Running across this article on, I love the concept of sticking to tried and true exercises in the gym.

Jessie Hilgenberg is an IFBB Figure Pro, Team Athlete, Fitness Model, Competition Coach, and Graphic Designer. Her philosophy is close to my own when it comes to women’s bodies and lifting heavy.

Check out the article or video here: BodyBuilding.Com Jessie Hilgenberg’s Delt Workout.

45-Degree Overhead Barbell Press

In sharing this article, I hope you find inspiration in sticking to your weight lifting routine or delve into a (not so) new approach to rounding out your shoulders. The tips Jessie shares about why women lift heavy and the expected outcome are true and mirror past posts.

Cheers to a great day!


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