Core Boot Camp Trio Exercises


With a plethora of cold and influenza symptoms, Core Boot Camp classes have become smaller the past couple of weeks.

Last night’s class offered another dynamic set of exercises aimed at providing plyometric, strength, and balance moves increasing strength of the muscles that make up the “core.”

The exercises below offer a flavor of our most recent class. Enjoy!

Reverse Open Fly – Starting with a stability ball positioned just below chest and legs extended, squeeze glute muscles and lift both arms out wide using a light weight dumbbell in each hand (palms facing down). This strength exercise focuses on the upper to mid back, shoulder, and low back muscles.

Twist – Feet hip width apart, abs tight, hips swivel on balls of feet (or add a jump).

Bosu Jump In and Out – Jump with both feet onto the soft side of the ball, then jump off with legs on either side, and sit deep into glute muscles completing a squat.  A plyometric exercise working the legs, glutes, and stabilization muscles. with Rachel Shasha with Rachel Shasha


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