Plank Challenge


Various media sources are hyping the plank exercise and challenging people to practice it for longer periods of time each day.

It’s absolutely true that the plank is a great exercise to strengthen the abdominal and low back muscles. In order to reap the benefits, the exercise must be done correctly.

If you’re new to it, I recommend getting in front of a mirror. The plank can be completed on either the forearms or hands. Either way, the purpose is to engage the abdominal muscles.

Note in the images below:

  1. Toes on the floor
  2. Head in-line with the spine = looking slightly forward and down
  3. Butt is slightly raised (NOT sinking into the hips)
  4. Belly is button pulled into the spine
  5. Smile, and keep breathing!

When the plank is done correctly, you should feel a slight tremble in the abdominal and low back muscles. This should create muscle fatigue, but NOT PAIN.

Here’s an image to get you started on “the plank:”


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