Ridiculous or Awesome?


Last week, I was on vacation with my family in Florida. As part of my normal routine, I was lifting weights in the hotel gym. (Yes, I even exercise while on vacation!)

There was a man about 50 years in good condition lifting weights as well. After 30 minutes or so, he said to me “You’re curling 30 pounds like it’s nothing, that’s just ridiculous!” He also made a statement referring to my small stature and said he’d never seen such a thing. Hmm . . .

There was another woman in the room doing light calisthenics – she just stopped and stared at us.

While I was taken back by the statement, I didn’t skip a beat to inform this gentleman that it’s just as important for women to increase their strength in order to maintain a youthful body as men. The heavier the weight, the more calories burned over the long-term, and the more strength gained.

I asked if it was really “ridiculous” or just awesome? He  reluctantly agreed that it’s awesome. The woman smiled at me and I said, “I agree, it definitely makes me more awesome!”

This was an innocent situation that got me thinking about the stereotypes we have in the world of fitness. If you’re lifting weights and seeing results, stand your ground, Ladies, and don’t be afraid to say so. After all, it just makes you more awesome!





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