Group Classes; Why?


Are you a solo exerciser? Someone that scoffs at the idea of attending a group fitness class wondering, “What’s the benefit: I already know how to exercise!?”

As a personal trainer, I believe the #1  benefit is to challenge your body and mind in new ways. If the instructor is seasoned and qualified, he/she puts a lot of thought into creating  a comprehensive workout focusing on all your muscles, some you may not know you have, while increasing balance and stability.

It’s most common to stick to an exercise routine that you know and have time to complete. The problem is our body gets used to movements very quickly, so in order to increase physical fitness we need to throw in a curve ball to keep things interesting. (We often work harder in a group situation and apply ourselves more than we would on our own.)

Not a day goes by that my clients don’t walk away astounded by our time together. It’s most rewarding for me to watch a client underestimate her physical abilities and then not only achieve, but exceed them!



  • When signing up with a new program or instructor go into it cautiously
  • Modifications should be provided, even in an advanced class
  • Go early and talk with the instructor – he/she should ask whether you have any pre-existing conditions and educate you on the movements ahead of time
  • If you’re skeptical, just watch the class
  • If it hurts, stop! Muscle fatigue may feel shaky = okay. Pain may feel sharp/stabbing/piercing = not okay.

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