Ever feel like your kicking your own butt exercising, but still can’t figure out why you’re not losing weight? It happens to almost every woman during her lifetime – for some of us, it happens OVER AND OVER!

During my personal journey with health and fitness, I found nutrition to be the last dangling piece of the pie that I still had to figure out. When I was a group fitness instructor, I taught 4 to 5 – 1 hour workout sessions per week. During each workout I exercised at the top of my exertion level, but still gained weight. It didn’t take long to understand that my body was used to that level of exercise, so it was time to figure out that missing link of how to eat right.

Starting with a food journal, I wrote down everything I ate each day and guessed at what my caloric intake should be. I lost a few pounds, but quickly reached a plateau – THE PLATEAU . . . sucks, right?! I ended up putting the free app  “” onto my phone (it works on the computer, too).

First, it struck me that I had either been eating too much or not enough – like a ping-pong ball bouncing all around the room. All you do is fill in the blanks on the app how much you want to lose, your weight, and a few other pieces of information about your lifestyle and activity and it calculates what your caloric intake should be each day, how much of each vitamin and nutrient you need, including fat and sugar – ta da!!

Once I started using the app to keep track of my calories, I started paying attention to which vitamins I regularly missed or wasn’t getting enough of (potassium, iron, and vitamin A). From there, I started Googling foods to fit my needs. By keeping track each day and planning my meals ahead-of-time, it became easy to start choosing foods that had the right nutrient balance for me. As a result, I lost all the weight I was trying to lose and it was EFFORTLESS! NO MORE STARVING OR DENYING MYSELF FOODS. Most importantly, I felt good, more energetic, less fatigued, and no more cravings.

My best advice if you’re struggling with weight loss and nutrition is to give myfitnesspal a try to see how it works for you. If you exercise regularly and use the app, IT WILL WORK FOR YOU. What do you have to – only the stuff that jiggles, right? 🙂

If you’re using myfitnesspal or know of a better one, please share your comments. I’m looking forward to hearing about your personal journey with nutrition!


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