Too sick to exercise?


How do you know when you’re too sick to exercise . . . A plaguing question begging to be answered!!

According to several sources and advice by Dr. Ted Epperly, M.D., Program Director and CEO of the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho, found in the January 17, 2012 article, written by Jill Yaworski, in Men’s Health Magazine, if your symptoms are:

Above-the-neck: mild sneezing, runny nose, and scratchy throat, it’s okay to exercise moderately. Sources state it may even help reduce the severity of your cold. According to Dr. Epperly, “high-intensity interval training, lap swimming, or cycling— can actually suppress your immune system, making you more ill.”

Below-the-neck: cough, chest congestion, muscle aches, chills, upset stomach, fever above 101.4 degrees means you’re too sick to exercise and should rest a day or two until symptoms diminish.

However, “if you feel fatigued and knocked down, put your feet up and wait until the symptoms—regardless if they’re above- or below-the-neck—wane.”

Based on personal experience this advice seems logical; however, it is often difficult to admit you’re just too sick! Especially for parents seemingly able to “do it all!” This is my life, I try so hard to be the best I can be for myself and family that sometimes I ignore my body signals telling me to scale back.

How do YOU gauge whether you’re too sick to exercise? Please share your expert advice here 😀


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