Stop Sitting Pain

Tight hip flexors result from sitting for long periods of time. The human body was made to hunt for food and stay warm through movement.

To combat pain or stiffness related to sitting, it’s best to get-up from your chair and move around every hour to keep muscles from getting bound-up in the first place. Regardless of the brand of chair, it’s important to change body position often by standing to remove the amount of pressure placed on the spine. Stretching is Important!

Specific areas to stretch when sitting are:

  • Hamstrings
  • Hip Flexor (Iliopsoas)
  • Glute
  • Low Back
  • Chest
  • Upper Back

Think of stretching as though you’re oiling a machine. Most often, oil is needed in more than one area, right? The same concept applies to the body.

Keep stretches simple and effective. A good way to do this is by “getting the most bang for your buck” OR the most out of just a few, easy to remember stretches.

A great standing hamstring/glute/calf stretch:

A great standing hip flexor/low back stretch:

A great chest/upper back stretch:

The difference between “good” and “great” is the number of areas stretched in the least amount of time and movements. My assumptions are that you’re: 1) in an office environment with lots of people, 2) busy, and 3) wanting to feel good and get through your day.

I’d love to hear which stretches you use in the office.

Enjoy your week and . . . keep moving!


Exercise “FUN”

fun is good.drseussAn interesting premise of the article Think “Fun” When Exercising to Eat Less Later, written by Sandy Todd Webster states “Anything that brings a smile is likely to get you to eat less.”

Based on research conducted by Marketing Letters, people believing they were exercising for FUN ate less food than individuals under the impression they were “working out.”

In the first study, adults were led on a 2-kilometer walk around a small lake; some understood they were taking an exercise walk, while others were told it was a scenic walk. Fifty-six adults completed their walk and were then given lunch. Those who believed they had been on an exercise walk served and ate 35% more chocolate pudding for dessert than those who believed they had been on a scenic walk.

In the second study, 46 adults were given midafternoon snacks after their walk. Those thinking they had taken an exercise walk ate over twice as many M&Ms (124% more, or 206 more calories’ worth) compared with those who had been told they were on a scenic walk. “Viewing their walk as exercise led them to be less happy and more fatigued,” says lead author Carolina Werle, PhD, professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management in France.

Together, these studies point to one reason why people in exercise programs often find themselves gaining weight. According to Werle, the notion is that some exercisers have a tendency to reward themselves by overeating after a workout.

Even though food consumption should be based on the calories we use throughout the day, this article speaks to psychological and emotional feelings of “entitlement” for many exercisers. Could this mindset change impact YOUR relationship with food?

Stop Making Excuses!

excusesWe’ve heard it a million times . . . if you want to reach your goals, stop making excuses and just get your workout done.

I’m here to admit – it can be really hard! When someone in my life needs something, I jump and put myself on the back burner. (Sadly, the back burner gets turned off at night.)

It helps having the kids back at school, but that doesn’t stop the mental excuses on busy days.


  • I don’t have enough time to get all my sets in, so I’ll do it on X-day!

Do what you can with the time available and move on

  • The day got away and I’m tired

Focus your energy on a basic workout session

  • I’m sore and need an extra day of rest

15-20 minutes of Yoga will do wonders!

“Excuses” turn into set backs and we all know it. The point is to just keep going and do your best. Not every single workout will be spectacular because life gets in the way. Stopping derails all your effort up to that point and makes getting back on take WAY longer!

So there you have it, my excuses for everyone to see. Feel free to share your excuses, no judgments 😉

Wishing you bountiful energy and drive to get on track and stay there!!