Make it DYNAMIC!

When it comes to exercising the body and mind, whatever it is you’re doing – make it DYNAMIC!

Changing up our exercise routines decreases boredom and fatigue and increases the FUN factor.

This week we did just that in our Hopkins Core Boot Camp class –

Starting out our session with a full body warm-up, I took a couple exercises we’ve done and turned them into great team building exercises.

Ready, Set, Line Up!


Lining up in a row, we rotated passing an 8 pound medicine ball over the top of the head and between the legs. Seems simple enough, right? When you get there, this changing pattern created a fun team building exercise and a challenge for the core and mind.

Leap Frog/Wounded Soldier Race

Each person took their turn either hopping on one foot or both feet across the gym to a BOSU ball (soft side up), completed 10 push ups, and hustled to the back of the line.

What made this fun and unique was crowd participation – cheering and counting out teammates’ push up reps.

With these two simple exercises, we created a FUN, challenging class that left everyone feeling like they got a great workout!

Out of ideas for your next workout? Checkout previous posts on my calendar – give it a go!


CBC Results Are In!

Most Preferred Exercise: Resistance Band Leg Extension

resistance band leg extension1

Most Difficult Exercise: Bosu Ball Single Arm Row

This is a hard core move and Rachel’s video is a great tutorial! Check it out here: How To Do Bosu Ball Rows with Rachel Shasha

bosu single arm

New! Instructor Favorite: Stability Ball Reverse Extension

stability ball reverse extension

Partner Core Exercises

During each Core Boot Camp class, I normally incorporate a partner exercise in which two people work together. Since it has been a popular concept in past classes, we had a mostly partner exercise class last night.

Working with a partner can be a positive experience if both participants understand the exercise, its objective, and how to properly execute the move(s). It is when two people are poorly matched in experience, height, and/or strength that may create a challenge to complete the move(s) without undue strain.


A partner squat is best completed when participants vary in height by facing each other.

Power Slam

Most participants of Core Boot Camp class enjoy power slams. When done correctly, this plyometric move recruits several muscles, which increases the heart rate and encourages maximum caloric burn. For the novice exerciser, start with a stability (or Swiss) ball to master the move before moving on to a weighted medicine ball.

When using a partner (instead of wall or floor) to catch and return the ball, it increases the FUN factor and kicks up each person’s strength and endurance during the exercise.

Wood Chop/Hay Bail

This exercise sequence recruits upper back, arm, and core muscles. When completed by two people using resistance bands (instead of a medicine ball), each person works to move in a consistent, fluid motion to keep from jerking their partner to one side or off their feet.

I love the team work involved in this exercise because it encourages people to communicate for maximum success.

Be sure to properly warm-up the muscles to be used prior to completion of exercises. Enjoy!