Mental Health and Exercise

It may come as no surprise that mental health and exercise are intertwined. The care and feeding of the human body is an intricate balance. Working with women that struggle with getting enough sleep, proper eating practices, and maintaining a stressful job is a recipe for weight gain and mental imbalance. Exercise is a means of reducing hormones associated with stress that can also have a positive impact on sleep. Bottom line, we don’t feel good when our bodies are sick.

The biggest issue is most people aren’t aware how they feel because of the intent focus it takes to get through life. Having a demanding job, marriage, kids, aging parents, home ownership . . . serve as daily distractions. We aren’t paying attention to how drastically our bodies are changing because we’re on auto-pilot.

What I have learned over the past eight years is “you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.” Scary truth! Assisting a person through their struggle with weight loss and learning healthy lifestyle habits is extremely rewarding. On the flip side, not everyone is successful. Providing an eating plan, sleep strategy, exercise program, emotional support system, pain management practitioners, and other schema won’t fix the underlying issue unless it is embraced. An individual’s mental health is the X factor.

Get Help

Easy to say, but super difficult to do. We have psychologists trained to counsel, psychotherapists trained to treat mental and emotional disorders, hypnotherapists trained to heal our subconscious, physical health practitioners trained to help manage exercise and pain, but admitting there is an issue and seeking help is just the first step. The hard work goes into consistently working on our issues. This is the one thing we can do to create a safe and healthy environment. When negative internal voices are chattering, it’s time to find someone to confide in and move toward healthier mental practices. Please use your voice to speak out.


Nutritional Supplements

Inquiring minds want to know which nutritional supplements are best and how to choose the right product. To answer these questions, I’ve asked a nutrition specialist, Beth Schupanitz of Inspiring Health Solutions, to shed some light on the subject.

What to look for in Nutritional Supplements.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different brands of supplements on the market today. This creates a ton of confusion about which to choose. I am going to cut through some of this confusion today by answering your most pressing questions.

Here are several of the questions I am frequently asked:

Do I need FDA approved vitamins/supplements?

There are really no supplements that are FDA Approved. The FDA

only regulates Pharmaceutical drugs, Vet supplies, and Medical devices. They do not regulate supplements or food. If there is an FDA approval on a vitamin it will typically be manufactured in a lab and not necessarily made from natural substances. There are just a few that are FDA approved. Most of these are prenatal vitamins. Prenatals are something that the drug manufacturers cannot argue the need for, so they decided they would sell their own, instead of giving up that market share.

Who do I trust to recommend supplements for me?

Some people think that trusting your medical doctor is a good person to trust their advice on nutritional supplements.  Although they have your best interest at heart, they may not have the best knowledge and information to provide.

This is similar to asking a doctor or pharmacist about supplements or even a healthy diet. Most, if not all doctors today, have just one 4 hour class in nutrition and it is an elective.  If your medical doctor has some good knowledge on supplements they sought out that education outside of their professional schooling.  Many don’t have the time or interest to focus on nutrition or supplementation.  They are educated on acute care and how to mitigate symptoms, not how to help the body heal itself. The pharmaceutical companies want it that way. There is absolutely a place and time for Doctors and medicine, just not as a first line of defense.

So, who do you trust??

When I started taking nutrition over 25  years ago, I found someone that had been using them many years longer than I had, then learned from the Oriental Medicine Doctor they learned from. After I got my certification in nutrition, I continued to read and study under several doctors of chiropractic or naturopathy, many of which I still refer to today when I have questions.

During the last 16 years, I have had the privilege to witness many, many people reclaiming their health and their lives through using supplements and making dietary changes. Many people reversed diseases that doctors had sworn were chronic, lifelong ailments, terminal cases of stage 4 cancer, debilitating strokes, MS, other autoimmune diseases and more. By law I cannot say that they were cured or that the supplements that these individuals took was what helped them, but ironically they had seen progress and much improvement when they added in nutritional supplementation.

Does organic really matter?

Absolutely! The supplements may have a good amount of nutrients, but if those nutrients are from sources that are genetically modified or laden with herbicides and pesticides, you won’t want to be consuming them. Organic is really one of the only bench marks that help us to know if it is a quality product or not. Although the organic mark is important, knowing the company’s commitment to quality is even more so.

The company that I use for my family and me is Symmetry. One of the things I really value about them is their commitment to quality. They have a motto, “In God we trust, everyone else we test.” They test every ingredient for purity and potency. In fact, they refuse an average of 2 shipments of raw materials a week that are not good enough for their products, but go into someone else’s.

Quality is a key when it comes to the ingredients used in supplement.

What is standardization?

Standardization is important in choosing supplements, because this means that every single serving/dose is exactly the same. Many, many companies do not do this, because it is an extremely expensive process. This is one of the things that I must have in a product line. It ensures that every time I take a supplement, I am getting the exact same amount of active ingredient in each serving.  This way you are not getting varying doses, such as a mega dose one day and virtually nothing the next.

What about absorbability? Ive heard you pee out most of what you take?

This can be true when you are purchasing a lot of the typical vitamins on the shelves of big box grocery stores. It can also be true even if you are buying from places like the popular vitamin stores. Why?

Many are held together with binding agents that do not break down in the body easily. As a result, you do “pee out” much more than you would like, because you are not absorbing the nutrients.

Look for a product line that has only natural food based binders like alfalfa, instead of carnauba wax. This is another reason I like and use Symmetry’s products. They only use food based binders that break down in 20 minutes in water compared to some supplements that don’t break down after days of sitting in water.

Symmetry also has an absorption technology called Deltazorb in each of their supplements that enables you to absorb up to 160% more than if it wasn’t in there.

Now that you have a bit more knowledge, use it to make sure you get the best products for you and your family. If you have questions or would like to schedule an assessment to make sure you are taking products that are providing you with exactly what your body needs, send an email to

If you would like more information on the supplements that I use.

Beth specializes in life long weight loss, balanced eating to control blood sugars, and support to lower cholesterol, through customized meal planning, supplementation, exercise protocols and stress management.  Beth is becoming known for being the “Sugar Mama. She conducts a wildly successful “7 Day Sugar Cleansewhich really helps jump-start people’s path to ridding themselves of sugar cravings. – 612 804-6675.

What are your thoughts on this information and subject of nutritional supplements? Was this post helpful?

Cheers to a FIT and Active Lifestyle!

Mind-Body Transformation

Major life-events cause many women to internalize feels of loss, anger, and resentment. In turn, becoming our own worst enemy. In a struggle for emotional comfort during times of pain and discomfort, we may make poor food choices, feel too exhausted to exercise, and simply shut-down.

Viewing divorce as a positive, life-changing event helps women regain power and drive to transform an unhappy lifestyle into a self-confident, exuberant person. The answer lies within and change happens when we start paying more attention to caring for our body.

Eating healthy foods, chock-full of leafy greens, colorful vegetables, clean proteins, and fruit is a great first step toward breathing more energy into each day. Next, spend more time doing activities you enjoy, such as taking a 10-15 minute walk most days of the week, stretch in the morning or before bed, or find a class that makes you want to move.

Focusing on movements that do not cause pain or discomfort. The “no pain, no gain” concept is a thing of the past for most women suffering from sore knees, joints, shoulders, and hips. Keeping exercises low-impact ensures less wear-and-tear on your joints and a more enjoyable experience. Weight-bearing cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, is great for promoting a strong, healthy heart.

Strength training is another important component to help regulate metabolism, hormones, and build stronger bones. Performing 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps of each exercise produces lean, sculpted muscles. If it has been a while since you’ve lifted weights, a great option is to locate a personal trainer to create a personalized workout plan. Any reputable personal trainer should be able to easily provide this service at no additional cost to you.

Transforming your mind and physical body takes care and compassion, but well worth the effort as you confidently begin striding into a room with your head held high!